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We came up the idea of the EU-​​EXPO on 2015 19 January.
On 15th April 2015 we organized the first EU-Expo Club in the Hungexpo Construma.
We found the Club-method the best developed system of organization.

The official logo, emblem of the EU-EXPO:

A Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala az emblémánkat hivatalosan is bejegyezte 2019. március 25-én, 227422 lajstromszámon. Az oltalmi idő kezdete: 2018. július 5.

The National Office of Intellectual Property also officially registered our logo on March 25, 2019, under registration number 227422. Beginning of the term of protection: 5 July 2018.

Our topics: Innovation + Physical Education + Art + Beauty + Entertainment


The next EU-EXPO: 2022. X. 10-16. * Budapest

Important programs and events can we organized very well in connection with both the Hungarian and the EU relations.

The EU-EXPO Clubs in the year 2022:
28. January – Year-opening party

IIn 2022, we will focus on World Beauty Day (X. 14) and our Innovation theme.

We tested the first phase of our innovations with itaritive methods.
EU-EXPO’s what it would be well received. It turned out that the interviewed entrepreneurs, event organizers, beauty, journalists, artists, scientists, students, athletes – 95% really like the idea to be a complex EU-EXPO. This was in the year 2015.

In the year 2016 the main question was:”how and what in particular?”. We’ve put together the priorities of the major focal points and themes.

By now our plan is composed, a really good, multi-function,  in the XXI. century. That’s the point. This has to be based on major international, EU relationships. So this year one thing: a higher level of development of EU relations.

***** 2020 *****

***** 2019 ****

These can safely be based on:
European Town Twinning and European Festivals + Set of recreation centers and camps of the Week Beauty + innovation + Silent Film Festival with Music and Humor  + Information Technology Innovation + Diveloping of Miss Iris beauty vompetition + Students and Entrepreneurs of the EU Forum.

So it follows the development of the neighboring countries and entrepreneurs with good relations with Brussels and EU.

EU-EXPO: October 10-15 2019

World Day of the Beauty: October 14. * Before-party: September 12.

EU-EXPO Conference: April 4. and May 11. * Yearopen-party: Januar 19.


*** 2018 ***

Peter Szilvásy – owner director of the EO-EXPO and Club * * * +3670-2260641 *

EU-EXPO – 2017


The EU-EXPO Forum and Before-party: 2017/IX/12
Our plain is in to the Forum invite EU presidents and organisers of the EU associations.


Budapest, 2017-04-04 * 2021-02-05