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We came up the idea of the EU-​​EXPO on 2015 19 January. On 15th April 2015 we organized the first EU-Expo Club. We found the Club-method the best developed system of organization.

Our plan is the EU-EXPO we organise in October 9-14. 2018.

The next EU-EXPO: 2019. X. 10-15. – Budapest.

Important programs and events can we organized very well in connection with both the Hungarian and the EU relations.

We tested the first phase of our innovations with itaritive methods.
EU-EXPO’s what it would be well received. It turned out that the interviewed entrepreneurs, event organizers, beauty, journalists, artists, scientists, students, athletes – 95% really like the idea to be a complex EU-EXPO. This was in the year 2015.

In the year 2016 the main question was:”how and what in particular?”. We’ve put together the priorities of the major focal points and themes.

By now our plan is composed, a really good, multi-function,  in the XXI. century. That’s the point. This has to be based on major international, EU relationships. So this year one thing: a higher level of development of EU relations.

These can safely be based on:
European Town Twinning and European Festivals + Set of recreation centers and camps of the Week Beauty + innovation + Silent Film Festival with Music and Humor  + Information Technology Innovation + Diveloping of Miss Iris beauty vompetition + Students and Entrepreneurs of the EU Forum.

So it follows the development of the neighboring countries and entrepreneurs with good relations with Brussels and EU.

The official logo, emblem of the EU-EXPO:

*** 2019 ***

Yearopen-party: Januar 19.

EU-EXPO: October 10-15

The World Beauty Day: October 14.

*** 2018 ***

Peter Szilvásy – owner director of the EO-EXPO and Club * * * +3670-2260641 *

EU-EXPO – 2017


The EU-EXPO Forum and Before-party: 2017/IX/12
Our plain is in to the Forum invite EU presidents and organisers of the EU associations.

Budapest, 2017-04-04